Preparing Your Mower For Its First Swipe At Your Lawn

Preparing Your Mower For Its First Swipe At Your Lawn

Your mower has been sitting around all winter and probably hasn’t been touched since you last mowed your lawn. You’ve decided it’s time to get back on and mow. Here are some ideas on what you should do to get your mower back into tip-top shape.

Change the fluids and plugs
Unless you used some fuel stabilizer, you should drain the gasoline from the last time you used it and dispose of it properly. The same thing should be done with the oil. You should also change the spark plugs once a season. They are fairly inexpensive and should be replaced in the springtime after the mower has been sitting all winter long.

Remove the grass cake and sharpen the blades
I know the grass on the insides of your mower deck looks tasty but avoid the temptation. Scrape it off the best that you can and get rid of it. While you’re down there, safely make sure the mower blade is sharp and sharpen it if necessary.

Lubricate the moving parts
Take out your handy WD-40 or PB Blaster and put a few squirts on the cables and wheels. Your mower will thank you later.