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What Makes A Product Green?

Green products are the catalysts that drive our movement toward a cleaner earth, but what makes a product green? Since the term “green” is used so often today for so many different concepts, how do we quantify it? According to the US Green Building Council, it’s all about what goes in, what comes out and what effect the product has on our environment and clean earth sustainability.

Advantages of Storm Doors

A storm door can stop the harsh natural elements of the weather from damaging your main door and save you money on your energy bills. Storm doors are not cheap, but they are money well spent. First there are three basic types of storm doors: full-view, ventilating, and retractable screen.

Current workout trends emphasize getting the most impact from condensed, focused and intense exercise routines. Your kitchen can be designed to do the same, making it the hardest working room in your home. With work, school, and activity schedules putting the squeeze on family time, it’s more important than ever to do your homework when planning a new or remodeled kitchen to ensure the safest, most efficient use of space and your efforts.

Contractor: Rust Construction Services Designer: Jessica Rust – Project Manager at Rust Architects with the help of Julie Tallarico – Designer/Sales at Arrow Cabinet Gallery Cabinet Manufacturer: Woodland Cabinetry Door style: Maple Vintage- Painted WhiteCountertops: Granite Black Pearl Project Description: This is an addition to an existing farm house in Grant Township, MN.