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Fastener Code Confusion

It's not uncommon to see claims of "Code Approved" printed on some fastener cartons and literature, as well as variations such as "Code Accepted," ICBO Approved," ICBO Certified," and "ICBO Approval Qualifications. " The problem is the words are misleading and may not meet local building codes.

 Using WD-40 to Clean Tools

There are only a few things on this planet that are known to fix nearly anything. WD-40 is one of them --I'm sure that duct tape and bailing twine are near the top of that list, as well. One of the many uses of WD-40 that you may not have thought of, is cleaning tools.

Air Tools vs  Manual Tools

All is not as it seems when deciding whether or not to use air or manual tools. Below, we'll discuss the key differences you should consider when deciding which to use: Speed There’s no comparison here. Air-powered tools can get the job done way faster than your manual tools can.

Falls remain the number one cause of death in the construction industry. "We cannot tolerate workers getting killed in residential construction when effective means are readily available to prevent those deaths," OSHA Chief Dr. David Michaels said. OSHA regulations for residential construction activities were overhauled and took effect December 16, 2010. To see the changes and how they might effect you, check out Read More New OSHA Regulations for Residential Construction