Start Planning Now for Spring Pole Buildings

As this summer winds down, now is the best time to plan ahead for next year's building project. Like many jobs of this size, constructing a pole building requires a lot of careful decision making. Most builders are taking bids for next summer already, so your first smart decision in planning your pole building is to plan ahead of the rest. That way, you can work with the builder you want to, not just who's still available.

Here are some pre-planning tips to help you get going:

Take a look around
Look at other buildings around you and define your needs. Will you be pouring concrete? Will a driveway need to be put in place? What needs to be done with the site before the building goes up?

Ask Away
When you talk to builders, ask a lot of questions: Do they explain things clearly? Get to know them and how they work. Look for examples of what they've done and if possible, arrange for an opportunity to see one of their finished jobs.

Do Your Homework
Examine a lot of floor plans. The Internet is a great source for free plans, but keep in mind that few of them are detailed enough to be your sole source to build from. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Set up financing ASAP
You don't have much control over how long this process can take, so start early. Initially, you should ask the bank everything you will need in order to make the financing process flow smoothly. Avoiding delays as much as possible is key. Research your plans thoroughly and make sure you have all of your ducks in a row and your preparedness will save a lot of time when the bank wants details. (And they will...)

By getting an early start, you will ensure that your new pole building will be finished on time and with as little stress as possible. The best part is you'll still have the rest of the summer to enjoy it!